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All homes 🏘️ have a handful of fans throughout the house (We’re one of your fans, outside the house 😄 ).

And with a typical fan lasting twenty years, and a high-quality one going for thirty years, it’s not often you need to repair them. But, that amount of time may have passed by or something went wrong with your fan prematurely and now it needs repair.

Or, perhaps you’ve decided to add a fan in an area without one or replace one of your fans with a different style or quality option. Maybe you’re exploring the installation of outdoor fans with lighting, or you simply want to remove a fan altogether.

If you need a fan repaired, replaced, or installed L&M Electric is your home improvement partner.

While the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement is in high gear, working with an expert electrician provides you with a safe, convenient, and time-saving option. Yes, you could do it yourself, but wouldn’t you rather focus on what matters most to you?

Don’t delay that home improvement project and get the air moving again.

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Common Ceiling Fan & Light Fixture Problems

After working across thousands of homes across the southeast United States, we’ve found speed and safety are a top reason for repair. In contrast, others want to get their fan working so they can save in the summer (by reducing AC use) and in the winter (by letting the fan help circulate the hot air).
Which of the following fan problems are you currently facing?

  • Neither the ceiling fan or lights are workingWobbling fans or loose lights
  • The fan works, but the light does not (or vice versa)
  • Fan blades don’t turn properly or make annoying (and concerning) humming sounds
  • Ceiling fan blades won’t turn at all (even by hand)
  • The fixture mount is breaking or broken (leaving the fan light dangling or about to fall)
  • The fan motor is broken, or the pull chain won’t pull any more
  • The fan programming is no longer working with the remote control

L&M Electric is your troubleshooting partner to find out what is broken, what’s causing the problem, and to permanently fix the issues so you can enjoy your home.

Give us a call at 1-877-563-5328 or fill out this page’s form to identify how we can serve you.

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Ceiling Fan & Light Fixture Installation & Replacement

There are numerous reasons to install, upgrade, and replace your light fan fixtures. Which of the following projects are on your to-do list?

  • Install new anchored mounts
  • Install new fan fixtures
  • Replace an existing fan with a new option
  • Relocate (by rewiring) a fan’s wiring to a new location
  • Install standard and smart fans, lights, or wall switches
  • Set up outdoor fans or lights on your deck or some other outside area

Get your home improvement projects moving. Call L&M electric at 1-877-563-5328 or fill out the form on this page to discuss your project and how we can help you make your home even better.

Move Your Home Project Forward

Whether you want a fan removed, repaired, relocated, or replaced, L&M Electric’s electricians are your partners in making your home experience better.

When you reach out to us about your project, we’ll be happy to communicate how we can help you and the cost you can expect to pay for our electrical services.

We look forward to being your preferred lighting and fan fixture solution.

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Feedback From Our Customers

  • “L&M did a great job replacing a bathroom fan and a security light.” – Eugene W.
  • “L&M Completed the work professionally and quickly on time. five stars for that. The new plugs they installed were embedded in the wall so the range can go all the way to the wall. Five stars for that. They fished the wires through the drywall without much damage. Five stars for that.” – Mark M.
  • “Great experience. Fair pricing. Highly recommend.” – Julie R.
  • “The service Tech was extremely professional, very congenial and made myself and my wife very comfortable with the work and price. He ensured we completely understood the scope of the work and ensured that we would be completely satisfied with the outcome. We will not call any other contractor when we have electrical needs. Thank you L&M Electric Inc. for a great experience, price and exceptional service.” – Larry B.

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