• Have you recently moved into your home and wonder about the safety of your electrical system?
  • Do you know of numerous electrical problems, annoyances, and issues requiring inspection and repair before selling your home?
  • Do you live in an older home and want to feel reassured that your electrical is not only working but safe too?
  • Do you need a home safety inspection for insurance reasons?

Residential electrical fires result from broken wiring, defective cable insulation, electrical malfunctions, and short circuit arc. If you’re concerned about electrical issues in your home, we want to help.

Your home safety is essential for you and your family, so let us assure you that your electrical home system is operating correctly and that there are NO concerning problems.

Our electrical home safety inspector thoroughly evaluates and reports on your whole home. This includes your home electrical panel, receptacles, GFI circuitsswitches, breakers, bath fans, smoke detectorsfixtures, exposed wiring, and code violations.

Fill out the form on this page or give us a call and speak to one of our trained experts about your concerns and goals, and whether a whole home electrical inspection is right for you.

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