Are you facing any of the following Electrical Problems in your home, garage, or basement?

  • Do your panel breakers keep getting tripped, and you can’t figure out why?
  • Are your lights flickering in and out inside our out?
  • Are your electrical outlets not working as expected, or you can visibly see they are burnt out?
  • Do any of your electrical switches feel warm to the touch?
  • Are your ceiling fan lights are not getting power?
  • What about your bathroom vents, are they NOT sucking in air?
  • Do you have beeping smoke detectors you cannot stop?
  • Does the kitchen breaker keep getting tripped even when utilizing both circuits for different appliances?
  • Are the GFI Circuits getting tripped for no known reason?
  • Are there sparks or visible electrical issues somewhere in your home?
  • Is the length of your lightbulbs unusually short?
  • Is your electrical bill unusually high?
  • Are you experience frequent power outages (when your neighbors are not)?
  • Are your appliances constantly tripping your breakers?

As your home ages, so often does the electrical system, leading to issues, problems, and annoyances.

The good news is, L & M Electric is here to help serve you by troubleshooting your electrical problems and permanently repairing any issues your home electrical system is currently experiencing. Proactively addressing these issues as they come up will extend the life of your electrical system while also ensuring the safety you expect from it.

Whether you know what electric problem you now have or you know something is wrong but don’t know what it is, give us a call or fill out the form on this page. We’ll work alongside you to explore how we can get the power working correctly and safely in your home.

Kind Words From Our Satisfied Customers

  • The whole process of hiring and having the work I needed doing by L&M Electric went smoothly. I received a courtesy call and was able to schedule a time suitable for me, Allen showed up on time and was pleasant and patient with my excited black Lab. I Highly recommend L&M.” – Kevin G.
  • “Great work! The representative was friendly and informative! I am hiring them again for other work I need to be done.” -Henry H.
  • “Showed up early and took care of the problem. Can’t ask for more.” -Ronald H.

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