Making your home more efficient has numerous benefits such as reducing environmental impact, improving your home’s comfort level, increasing your home’s resale value, and of course saving money!

Learning to manage your electricity and understanding what upgrades can be made will reduce costs in the long run.

As technology evolves, it only makes sense that we evolve with it. There are so many new smart systems, light bulbs, and switches that can help increase efficiency.

Below are some upgrades that can help improve your home’s overall efficiency.

led lights

Upgrade to LED lights

There are many benefits to updating your lightbulbs to LEDs. For one, they have a longer lifespan, the average LED lasts 50,000 operating hours, which is 2x more than fluorescent lights and 40x more than incandescent bulbs.

Additionally, they consume exponentially lower amounts of power while also having dimming capabilities. The less power needed the cheaper your electric bill will be!

Install Smart Thermostats

A great place to start improving energy efficiency is with a smart thermostat by Nest or Honeywell. We can replace your old or broken thermostat with a new and improved alternative and configure it to your liking.

The thermostat can learn your behavior and operate towards maximum efficiency, or you can manually update the settings. It is also easily operated remotely from your preferred device.

Upon installation, we’ll show you how to use and change your settings so you can get the most out of your new system.

Install Smart Switches & USB Outlets

With a smart switch installed, you won’t have to mess with smart bulbs allowing you to maximize your savings while also enjoying the benefits of a wi-fi connected lighting system.

Enjoy the ability to flip your lights on and off from anywhere, and/or can set them to turn off and on based on the time of day.

In the world of smartphones and smart devices, you’ll want USB charging outlets placed throughout your home so you don’t have to worry about where you last left that charging cube!

Other Upgrades to Consider That Can Help Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Include:

  • Install ceiling fans to augment air conditioning units.
  • Utilize light sensor switches
  • Utilize bulb dimmers
  • Install timers for your lights

energy efficient

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