New Build Warranty

If you’ve bought a home with any of our builders, it may be under warranty. Warranty types and timeframes vary between builders and locations.

If you’re unsure whether your home is under warranty, give us a call!

There are a number of reasons we offer and agree to warranties. Two of the main reasons are:

  1. We stand by our work. In doing so, we hope to build brand loyalty and trust with you. We also hope this brings you peace of mind, knowing your home is up to code!
  2. Contracts – To protect homeowners, we agree upon contracts with each builder outlining possible issues covered under warranty. In the event something in your home breaks electrically, as long as your home is under warranty, we’ll come out and fix it!

Warranties begin at the point homes are purchased for the first time. The warranty can carry over to a new owner if the new purchase falls within the initial warranty time frame. However, the timeframe will not reset upon each new purchase.

Retail Warranty

If you trust us to make those dream updates in your home, we guarantee our work for 1 year. That means, if you have any issues with the work we did during the first year, we will come out to diagnose as well as fix the issue.

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Speak with our electrical experts about home warranties.