So, you’ve got a new jetted hot tub and now you need to get the electricity running to it so you can enjoy the relaxing health benefits of your new purchase. Yeah?

L&M Electric is here to help.

Electricity is an important facet of installing your jetted hot tub and its something you want to be done correctly and safely.

Here are the various aspects that may go into getting your bubbling bath going.

  • Extra electrical wiring
  • Setting up conduits and breakers
  • Subpanel setup
  • Proper electrical grounding configuration

The jetted tub’s power level may involve 120/240 volt systems and could include 3 or 4 wire setups. Most tubs require a 50 amp circuit while some larger and more technologically advanced ones require a 60 amp circuit.

For some older homes, the right amount of power you need won’t be compatible with your panel and you may potentially need a panel upgrade to handle the hot tub.

The close proximity of your hot tub to a GCFI dedicated electrical circuit also needs to be near your water source.

When buying that relaxing amenity, you may not have realized what all it takes to install the hot tub! But, no problem because we can certainly help.

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Basement Level Hot Tub Wiring

If you’re one of the many multi-story homeowners with a basement and now you want to add a hot tub in your backyard, but need the electrical setup for it to function, L&M Electric is here to serve your electrical wiring needs.

We’ll run the proper wiring from your basement panel to the outside of the house. And, we’ll set up a disconnect for wiring the hot tub into the home electric system. This setup is definitely something you want professionally done, as crossing wires can lead to costly problems, especially when water is nearby. Do it right, and work with L&M Electric to safely make it happen.

Wrapping Up On Hot Tub Installation & Repair

Regardless of what needs to happen to get your hot tub working as desired, we can help with your many installation and repair needs.

Give us a call at 1-877-563-5328 or fill out the form on this page to begin exploring this electrical project.

And, when you need help with the electrical installation and repair for your swimming pool, L&M Electric is also here to help.


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