While you have access to power a majority of the time, there are moments, hours and days where the home power grid goes out due to a storm (Snowpocoalypse for our Atlanta customers), car accident, munching animals, falling trees, natural disasters, or a severe power surge.

Whether you’re living in the city, a rural area, or you have a mountain vacation rental, your property and family needs to be prepared to quickly restore power with a backup generator should it go out unexpectedly. If you agree, L&M Electric can help you get squared away with generator wiring and setup.

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What’s Required For Connecting Your Generator To Your Home’s Electrical System?

While L&M Electric won’t sell you the actual generator, we’ll get the electrical system setup for you to purchase and connect your backup generator. This may involve adding and wiring a circuit to your panel, running wiring from the panel to the generator, installing a port (or plug) for the generator to directly access, and potentially installing a transfer switch (manual or automatic) for the generator to take over when the power goes out.

Safely Setup The Right Amount Of Power For Your Home Needs

Whether you choose to go with a portable or standby generator, you’ll want the electrical elements safely installed so when the power goes out, you don’t have to deal with an additional power generator problem on top of not having power.

We’ll review, plan, install, and test your generator setup electrical add-on to ensure both proper functioning and safety.

When you’re ready to learn more, give us a call at 1-877-563-5328 or fill out this page’s contact form and we’ll talk through the process for getting you a backup power system.


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