The pace at which technology is moving is astounding. And in recent years, many of the new innovations and inventions are directly related to your home. Houses are now equipped with SMART thermostats, cameras, lights, bulbs, and switches across neighborhoods in America.

And now, you want to do the same.

Since you’re not a DIY type of person (or you simply prefer professionals to take care of it on your behalf), L&M Electric is here to help you bring these technological improvements to your home for improved functionality, safety, and ease.

Here’s how we help you upgrade your home to a smart and automated house.

ring security

Ring Security & Lighting Smart Ecosystem

Don’t mess with wiring and installation when we can do it for you. With Ring, we’ll purchase and install the following smart products.

  • Video Doorbells: In addition to smartphone access, this additional layer of security allows you to see who’s at the door and also provides recordings of anything in the doorbell’s view. You never know how that footage may come in handy when something in your neighborhood goes wrong.
  • Security Cameras: Take your video capturing and recording to the next level with security cameras installed at different points in the front, back, and sides of your home. Whether you want to stay safe, track what’s happening, or keep an eye on your outdoor pets, these (now common) security cameras are a great way to make it happen.
  • Outdoor Smart Lighting: According to one study, outdoor lighting cuts crime by 39%. So, in addition to the convenience of being able to see outside, or enjoy some nice ambient lighting, it also acts as a powerful deterrent to activities you’d rather not happen.

Do you prefer a different brand than Ring (like Google Nest or Ecobee)? Tell us in the contact form or when you call and we’ll let you know if we can manage those installations fully.

Smart Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation & Configuration

Improve your home energy efficiency (and with many utility companies, save extra dollars using their discounts) with a smart thermostat by Nest or Honeywell. We’ll replace your old or broken thermostat with a new and improved alternative and configure it to your liking.

On its own, the thermostat will learn your behavior and operate towards maximum efficiency (which can be reviewed in your home report). It can also be easily operated remotely from your device. We’ll also show you how to use and change your settings.

Smart Switches & USB Outlets

The light switch was invented in 1897. Outside of safety and aesthetic changes, it has not changed significantly since then. Well,  that is until recent smart switches (by Brillian, Ecobee, TP-Link, Treatlife, and others) have become more prominent in homes of all types.

With a smart switch installed, you won’t have to mess with smart bulbs allowing you to maximize your savings over the long haul while also tapping into the benefits of a wi-fi connected lighting system. The next time you drive home, your lights can automatically turn on, or they can be set to turn off and on based on the time of day.

And with all those smartphones and other electronic devices, you’ll want USB charging outlets throughout common areas in your home so you don’t have to figure out where you last left that charging cube.

Ready To Go Smart, With Your Home?

Whether it starting with a single smart upgrade or retro-fitting your entire home with smart devices, L&M Electric is your go-to support for installation, upgrades, and repair on your smart home electrical system.

And due to the large volume of electrical devices, you’ll have installed throughout your smart house, we also recommend whole-house surge protection to go with it.

Once we’ve finished protecting and upgrading your house, you can order your Roomba robot vacuum, self-driving lawnmower, and Star Trek replicator (Early Grey, Hot) to enjoy a complete smart home experience.

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