Our company HQ & Atlanta service center
are both located at the following metro-Atlanta address.

2260 Hewatt Road
Snellville, Georgia 30339

Serving Atlanta and the surrounding metro area from Snellville, Georgia (in Gwinnett County).

This family-owned and operated company (by the Lees & Mezzles) is here to serve your home electrical needs.

We offer the following repair and installation services.

  1. Home Safety Electrical Inspections
  2. Electrical Repair of…
  3. Electrical Installation of…

Why Choose L&M Electric?

Appointment Timeliness: We meet our two-hour window for your next electrical service. When necessary, we can even isolate it down to a 30-minute window. When you call or email, let us know your situation and we’ll do what we can do accommodate your schedule.

Affordability: We provide competitive pricing to give you the quality electrical repair and installation support while also making it cost-effective for you (our reputation depends on it). Don’t break the bank when hiring quality electricians from L&M Electric.

Customer-Centric: When we visit your home, we are there to repair your electrical problems and install your improvements. Our trained and background checked technicians are not commission based, so they won’t try and sell you something you do not need. And time-permitting, we’ll provide additional electrical insights to keep your home safe and powered.

Tens of Thousands of Homes Serviced

Our company’s founding began with new construction and this origin provides us an advantage in understanding your home electrical system from the top down. We know how things are set up behind the walls and have tracked the legal code changes since our inception in 2009.

This knowledge and experience provide our electrical technicians the ability to repair and install in an effective way that also eliminates or minimizes any potential drywall damage for the requested electrical work.

When you hire an electrician, you want an expert that has successfully executed their work countless times.

Feel Safe In Your Home

While you may consider doing home improvement work on your own, electricity can be a dangerous way to learn the hard way.

We want you to feel safe when living in your home. This focus on safety is why we invite you to call us out and service your home electrical system.

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Delivering Quality Electrical Service To 5,000+ Homes/Year

Call 1-877-563-5328 For A Free Consultation

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  • “5 Stars: They did a great job replacing a bathroom fan and a security light.” – Eugene W.
  • “Outstanding service and a very competitive rate. I will definitely use L&M again.” – Rick H.
  • “Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. On-time as promised. I would definitely use them again.” – Roger B.

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Located in Gwinnett County and incorporated in 1923, Snellville, Georgia is a developed suburb of the Atlanta metropolitan area (about 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta).

With multiple parks (like T.W. Briscoe and the Snellville city park), this small town of 20k people and the surrounding area enjoy an array of outdoor activities, The New London Theatre, numerous churches, and quick access to the second-most populous county in Georgia, Gwinnett.

Also, be sure to check out the grounds at the city hall for a stunning Veterans Memorial, or take a short drive to the nearby Stone Mountain Park.

Click here to visit the city website.