When lightning strikes near your neighborhood, do you know how well your electronics, appliances, and devices will handle the overflow of electricity? What about those unexpected power surges (following an outage) that flow your way?

If your home isn’t ready for the inevitable surge in electricity, it’ll be a costly mistake when it takes out your crystal clear 4K TV, costly refrigerator, important computers, powerful electric car, or your expensive-to-replace HVAC unit.

While all homes built in 2020 or later have full surge protection (from voltage spikes) due to the national electric code standard, most houses built before are still vulnerable (although even surge-protected homes are still vulnerable to a direct lightning strike). We’re here to help every house get caught up to electrical code standards.

Instead Of Waiting For A Destructive Surge, Proactively Install House-Wide Surge Protection

For a fraction of the cost of replacing your electronic devices when they’re destroyed by the next lightning strike, proactively protect your entire home with whole-home surge protection (instead of simply setting up power strips everywhere in your home). With a complete hard-wired surge protection setup, you can rest assured your entire electrical system is protected from the unknown power spikes (that can cause overheating and wiring burns) your home will experience over the years.

How Does Whole-House Surge Protection Protect Your Home?

Built to withstand an influx of electrical surges (or spikes), the quality electrical surge suppression units we use are set up and connected through your electrical panel. When there’s a surge or spike in voltage, the unit will ground the electricity and divert it away from your valuables and towards a safe electrical destination. And, it’s all automatic.

Our surge protection devices will protect your home from 80% of the electrical surge issues your house will experience in its lifetime. To get from 80% protection with your newly added surge protection to 100%, we also recommend installing surge-protected outlets throughout your home (or at least where your most expensive electronics are used). With both installed, you’ll have complete protection from the unknown electrical fluctuations that come and go in every house.

Give us a call or use the form on this page to reach out and let’s talk about your home surge protection and how else we can get you set up for full protection.

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