So, you bought a house with an unfinished basement with the intention to complete it later (perhaps to build a theater room, add bedrooms, give the kids a playroom, or rent out the basement) and now after several years, you’re finally ready to pull the trigger and make it happen (for your enjoyment and to increase the home value for a potential future resale).

“It’s usually recommended to hire a qualified electrician for [finishing a basement]. Electrical wiring will need to be run for lighting and other items. Plan for ample outlets and even charging stations for a phone or tablet when designing a living space.” – Home Advisor

We agree with Home Advisor.

Of all the aspects of finishing your basement, electrical has the highest risk of endangering those working on it, when they don’t understand or are not trained to handle electricity and wiring properly. While we understand that many homeowners know the average cost of a basement finishing project is between $18.5k and $6.5k and want to save on that cost, electrical work is not one of the areas worth cutting back on.

Let L&M Electric safely wire, and configure the electrical system in your soon-to-be-finished basement.

The Basement Finishing Process — Related To The Electrical System

As part of the process, you’ll need to determine where the basement will draw power from. Will it come directly from the main electrical panel (which may need to be upgraded), a basement sub-panel, or an entirely separate electrical panel?
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Once the source is determined and safely connected to the community power grid, the next step is to distribute that power throughout the unfinished basement, primarily by running wiring through the walls and ceiling for switches, outlets, lighting (fixtures, recessed, etc…), fans, smart home devices, and other electric elements. It’s at this time when the walls are framed but drywall has yet to be installed that you’ll want to run other types of wiring such as video, sound, and internet.
Following wiring, the installation of electrical boxes, and mounts will follow. Upon completion, outlets and switches (with covers)fixtures, lights and other external elements of your electrical system (after the drywall has been completed) will be installed.
With the electrical system installed, configured, and working as expected, your new basement area will be powered for when you finish the remaining construction tasks.
Whether you want us to do just the big stuff or all of it, L&M Electric is here to serve your electrical basement construction needs. Give us a call at 1-877-563-5328 or fill out the form on this page to begin the process.

Getting Started With Your Basement Electrical Installation

Depending on your city, county, and state (as well as the specific work being done) the basement project may require a permit for work to commence and finish. For the resale value (and reassurance of your family), you’ll need the permit to retain the value from the work you’ve done.

When you give us a call to discuss your project, and we visit as part of an initial assessment, we’ll be able to inform you of what permitting and action will be required, when the phases of work will commence, and what you expect to spend with the electrical service provided by L&M Electric.
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  • “L&M Completed the work professionally and quickly on time. five stars for that. The new plugs they installed were embedded in the wall so the range can go all the way to the wall. Five stars for that. They fished the wires through the drywall without much damage. Five stars for that.” – Mark M.
  • “Great experience. Fair pricing. Highly recommend.” – Julie R.
  • “Allen arrived at the house 30 minutes before he was supposed too, diagnosed the problem quickly, and fixed it. Allen is a fine gentleman and personable. William whom I talk with on the phone was knowledgeable and set us for an appointment asap would I recommend them, in a New York minute, would I use them again, in a heart beat. Thanks, L & M Electric.” – Larry B.

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