The kitchen is the heart of every home, and your lighting brings it to life. You want to make it a wonderful experience for those who prepare food or friends and family that enjoys eating that food.

Let us help you do that. Whether it’s recessed lighting, pendant lights, or surface lighting, the ambiance created changes the feel and enjoyment of the space. Make your kitchen a place you and your family want to go to.

If you’re now inspired to make those kitchen home improvements or are dealing with issues with your kitchen Lighting, our electricians are here to help so you can focus on simply enjoying your home and concentrate on what matters most.

Kitchen Lighting Installation

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen’s lighting? We can help with the electrical circuits, wiring, and lighting installation. Here are several of your options for kitchen lighting.

Whatever you imagine with your kitchen lighting, let us enable you and make it happen (even if it includes adding a new circuit).

Contact us today at 1-877-563-5328 to make those lighting improvements (or replacements) you’ve dreamt about or have been procrastinating for some time.

Kitchen Lighting Repair

Are you having issues with your kitchen lighting and need some troubleshooting support to discover and fix the problem? Don’t take the risk and try and fix it yourself, call an electrician if you’re facing the following issues.

  • Lights are not working and unresponsive to the light switch
  • The light fixture is loose, moving, or falling apart
  • The light fixture or surrounding area is unusually hot
  • The light flickers on and offer without explanation
  • The dimming switch is not working as expected
  • The light’s brightness is strangely dim
  • Upon installation, new light bulbs break

If you’re having any of these light problems (or others not listed) in your kitchen (or anywhere in your home), L&M Electric can help.Get Started On Your Kitchen Project Today
Don’t delay on lighting up your kitchen the right way. And once you’ve decided to act, choose an award-winning, background-checked, reliable, and family-owned electrical partner with your kitchen installation and repair projects.
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Feedback From Our Customers

  • Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures —”Completed the work professionally and quickly on time. five stars for that. The new plugs they installed were embedded in the wall so the range can go all the way to the wall. Five stars for that. They fished the wires through the drywall without much damage. Five stars for that. They did not seal the Square of drywall they removed – 4 stars for this.” Mark M.
  • Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures —”The technician arrived promptly and was very courteous. He very quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced the faulty component.” – Mary M.

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