So, you’ve purchased an electric vehicle like a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf and now you need to install an electrical port in your garage to charge it each night.

L&M Electric can help.

You’ll need an electrician to install a 240-volt Type II (for faster charging) electric car charging station outlet (EV Charging Station) within reach of your car’s charging cable (If you’re interested in a quick charging 500 volt DC charging station, let us know).

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Our goal with this installation project is to minimize or eliminate the drywall damage in the process. This will be mostly determined by your garage layout and how closely you want the outlet to the car charging port (and how much you want to pay for a longer cable).

We’ll evaluate your setup and determine if you need a dedicated circuit (usually the case) for the EV Charging outlet and where the ideal outlet location should be established (inside the garage or within reach of driveway vehicles).

We’ll address your needs in the electrical panel, the circuit, and your outlet to ensure you’re setup safely with an electric vehicle charging station.

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