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While homeowners are commonly reaching out to troubleshoot and repair their home electrical issues, we also have numerous customers proactively upgrading and improving their home electrical system.
So, what are the most common ways you can level up your house electrical with upgrades and installations?

Below is our list of the top ten opportunities to make your home better, increase the value, and also protect the contents more effectively.

  1. Unfinished Basement Wiring: When you bought your home with an unfinished basement, you intended to get it finished and usable. Now that years (or decades) have passed, it’s now finally time to get an electrician in there and get the project moving forward. Depending on your house layout, we’ll evaluate and wire the entire basement, also setting up a sub electrical panel, and powering your new living space.
  2. Electric Car Charging Station: So, you just bought an electric car (or are planning to), and now you need a way to charge it up each day. You’ll need an electrician to come out and install a 240-volt electric car charging station outlet. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate the drywall damage in the process, but this is determined by your garage layout and how closely you want the outlet to the car charging port.
  3. Housewide Surge Protection: Hopefully, you have not learned the lesson of adding house-wide surge protection the hard way. If you want to prevent your TV or expensive refrigerator from getting fried by the next electrical storm, you’ll want full house surge protection. Often, when customers have us come out to repair their electrical problems, installing this as an upgrade is an easy decision (we have the parts inventoried in our trucks). According to the new NEC national code change, all new homes in the future will have these surge protectors installed. In addition to electricity surge protection, we also offer surge units to protect phone and cable systems. Give us a call, and we’ll install a house surge protector in your electrical panel.
  4. Wiring Your Basement Level Hot Tub: Many multi-story homeowners with a basement want to add a hot tub in their backyard, but need the electrical setup for it to function. Work with L &M Electric, and we’ll run the proper wiring from your basement panel to the outside of the house. And, we’ll set up a disconnect for wiring the hot tub into the home electric system. This setup is definitely something you want professionally done, as crossing wires can lead to costly problems.
  5. Light, Outlet & Switch Upgrades: When it comes to the little things, there are numerous options to upgrade your home electrical including USB outlets (for easy phone and tablet charging), extra outlets (for electrically crowded areas), special Switches (for smart home control), light dimmers (to beef up your ambient lighting feel), and those lovely under-cabinet lights in the kitchen (so you can see what’ you’re trying to grab). If you have other ideas, just let us know, and we’ll light it up!
  6. Ceiling Fan Upgrades: Would you like to change out the light in your bedroom for a ceiling fan light instead? When we first talk, our L & M Electric staff will determine the strength of your light brace. We often find most of the time a one switch room will require a stronger brace to bear the weight of both a light fixture and the fan. In addition to installing the right brace, we’ll also setup and configure your switches to control both the fan and lighting. As for most of what we do, our supplies to do this are loaded in our on-site vehicles, so if you’d like to do this ad-hoc while we’re repairing something else, let your technician know.
  7. Outdoor Lighting: Whether it is adding outdoor floodlights in the front, landscape lights in the back, or wiring your deck with lighting (and other tech goodies), we’re here to serve your electrical installation needs. The outdoor sky is the limit!
  8. Kitchen Pendant Lights: Elevate the look and feel of your kitchen with these hanging lights over the bar area. As we aim to do in all cases, we minimize the amount of sheetrock damage. But, unless it is a ranch style house, this will be challenging for the pendant light installation. Give us a call, and we can talk through what to expect by making this lighting change in your home.
  9. House Generators: If you’re concerned about the next SnowPocalypse (for our Atlanta friends), are living out in a rural area, or have a vacation home in the mountains, you’re probably thinking about installing a power generator for your home. While we won’t be the company to purchase the generator from, we will be the company to run the wiring and set up the electrical port fo where your power generator will live.
  10. Energy Efficiency Improvements: When it comes to energy improvements, there are numerous options to choose from. You could have solar panels installed, electric panel meters connected (for real-time visibility on the amount of power you’re consuming as every temperature degree is 4% more/less money). You might also want to tap into the refund from your power company by installing a Nest thermostat. Or, if you’re a tech-friendly geek, you could install a smart home system, giving you control of any switch in your home from anywhere in the world.

You’ve got options to make your home living experience better, and L & M Electric is here and ready to serve your electric installation desires. Give us a call at 1-877-563-5328 and tell us your dreams and vision for your home.
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